Business Accounting Services


As a business owner, we give you the peace of mind to know that all your financial documents are in order, and that they meet government regulations.

From keeping accurate records of your income and expenses, to understanding your net worth, we are there with you every step of the way. We offer a variety of services to help you carry the load.

Corporate Tax Planning and Compliance will give you a road map to help you easily navigate tax time for your company. No one likes surprises when it comes to the IRS. Let us help you be prepared and advise you on the opportunities available to you to minimize your tax burden.

Budgets & Projections are a means by which you can set up forecast your spending, make wise decisions about the future growth of your company and minimize the impact of your liabilities. It is an essential component in the operations of any successful business.

We don’t just “prepare documents” here at Margida & Associates, we make it our priority to help you understand what they mean. We partner with you to help your business grow and to improve your bottom line.


Securing Financing

It is important to prepare the proper documents prior to applying for financing. Let us help you get your numbers on paper, explain to you what they mean, and point you in the right direction towards securing financing for your company.

Balance Sheet Analysis

Your balance sheet indicates your financial position at a certain point in time. We would be delighted to analyze your financials and interpret them for you.

Accounting Software

We are aptly able to set up a system of accounting and chart of accounts for you. We will then handle your general ledger, bank reconciliations and provide you with trial balances and financial statements throughout the year.